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Michelle M. Bonwell Chief Probation Officer
The Tulare County Probation Department was established in 1908 and provides a multi-dimensional approach to community safety.  We are committed to an evidence-based approach to public safety that promotes positive behavior change.



Michelle M. Bonwell
Chief Probation Officer 

Deputy Probation Officer IV

To perform the most sensitive, complex and critical work requiring extensive knowledge and experience.  Incumbents must exercise a high degree of professional judgment, show initiative, and work independently.

Apply Now! - Closes 11/3/21

Administrative Services Officer II

Formulate departmental policy in administrative services and business management; plan, organize, assign, review, and direct fiscal administrative services.

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To cook and prepare a variety of foods in large quantities.

Apply Now! - Closes 10/29/21

Graphic Specialist

Develop conceptual design solutions from inception to delivery; develop, design and coordinate the graphic layout of marketing projects.

Apply Now!  - Closes 10/25/21

Probation Programs Specialist

Conduct, organize and coordinate a variety of client programs/services.

Apply Now! - closes 11/2/21

Supervise and instruct youth in a variety of vocational education trades and evaluate performance.

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Systems & Procedures Analyst II

Evaluate department systems and make recommendations to improve overall performance and efficiency. 

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