Join Tulare County Probation

If you embrace new challenges, enjoy helping others, desire continued learning and professional growth opportunities, a career in Probation might be for you.

There is an abundance of opportunities within the Probation Department to grow professionally, build safer communities, and to positively affect lives. Probation Department is a place where integrity, professionalism, and service to the community is valued. A place where adherence to strong moral principles are upheld; a place where collective and individual accountability and achievement are observed; a place where service towards positive changes is nurtured.

Those who have a passion for meeting the objectives of the Probation Department and the community and have a desire to help individuals under their care effectuate positive change can and have seen their career prosper from support staff to executive management. You are empowered with the decision to take your profession in Probation to the levels you choose. You also decide if, at the end of the day, your actions and/or attitude of service has made a positive influence on others, enhanced the quality of life of those within your sphere of influence, and helped to build safer communities.

Likewise, opportunities for offenders are also abound. Adult and juvenile offenders are advised and provided training on how to manage their life. Offenders also are provided support and shown how to cope with life’s challenges in a manner that is conducive to producing a positive outcome. Offenders are provided the support and opportunity necessary to transform their life; to be provided the chance to absolve themselves of maladaptive thoughts and behaviors; to be provided the chance to be free of substance abuse; to be provided the chance to reclaim stability in employment; to be provided a second chance in life.