Join Tulare County Probation

Evidence-based policies and practices are used in virtually everything from supervision to community outreach to training.  The department uses current research and data to help guide decisions and produce outcomes that the clients, victims, and community expect.  Probation uses evidence-based practices that include risk and needs assessments, motivational interviewing, targeted interventions, cognitive-behavioral techniques, positive reinforcement, ongoing support, and measurable feedback to both clients and employees.

Research shows individuals respond better and maintain learned behaviors and skills for longer periods of time when they receive positive reinforcement. Additionally, providing feedback regarding progress is associated with enhanced motivation and improved outcomes.  The same holds true within the department.  Monitoring the delivery of services provided and maintaining the fidelity of procedures to validated literature helps build accountability and maintain integrity to the agency’s mission and values.  Regular performance audits keep staff focused on the goals for themselves and the department.