Join Tulare County Probation

Probation offers a wide array of services for both juvenile and adult offenders. Juveniles housed in the Juvenile Detention Facility may receive a combination of educational, vocational, and recreational training in a safe and secure environment, as well as medical and mental health services. Placement services such as group homes for youth and residential treatment programs for adults are offered when it is in the client’s best interest.

Probation is an integral part of the Justice System, providing risk assessments and investigative reports to the courts. Probation officers serve as the link between the client and the court system. Case management, supervision, electronic monitoring, prevention, intervention, referrals and enforcement is also provided to ensure offenders’ compliance with their court order, which can include participation in treatment programs, community service, and payment of restitution to victims. Just as paramount, however, is the provision of services towards the overall rehabilitation of justice-involved individuals, addressing their criminogenic needs and any other concerns such as substance abuse, mental illness, or instability in employment to ensure positive outcomes.