Join Tulare County Probation

In addition to supervising and monitoring an offender’s progress, probation officers also foster rehabilitation.  Probation officers partner with social services and community agencies to help offenders rebuild their lives. This includes utilizing resources such as employment opportunities, stable housing, supplemental assistance programs, counseling, crisis intervention, delinquency prevention, and educational as well as rehabilitation opportunities. The goal of a probation officer is to help reduce recidivism by helping their clients overcome barriers and succeed.

Parallel to helping offenders, the Probation Department also offers support to employees in various forms.  Employees are encouraged to participate in community outreach events throughout the year, bringing a sense of unity to the department as well as those in the communities we serve.  Employees are given the opportunity to participate in countywide activities such as Walking Works Challenge and the Corporate Games. Additionally, the Employee Assistance Program is offered to County employees and their families.  The Employee Assistance Program offers confidential services including counseling, legal assistance, financial assistance, and wellness education seminars.   Furthermore, the department offers continuous training and development opportunities.  Positions within the department may qualify for Public Service Loan Forgiveness.  Individuals who are members of a union are also offered additional support services.